You might be thinking of divorcing your spouse which is a painful and stressful decision. It would be in your best interest to talk with an attorney who can help five you an idea of the difficult family and economic issues which will be need to be resolved. Most times these are issues which are not foremost in your mind as the question of whether to divorce is heavy on your mind. Issues such as whether to divorce or obtain a legal separation, whether spousal support/alimony is a consideration and what factors a court considered in determining spousal support/alimony; if there are children, there is the issue of custody, what factors a court considers in determining primary custody, child support, parenting time/visitation; factors for determining division of property; whether this is a matter which might be resolved by trial, mediation/collaborative divorce or uncontested/summary divorce; what are the residency requirements for filing a divorce; what are the do's and don't before the divorce is final and just generally an education of the divorce process. These are all matters you should acquaint yourself with before filing a divorce, and if you will need a lawyer/attorney to assist you with the process.

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